Building a hybrid or a crossover seems to be a big trend nowadays, even for automakers that have previously declared they would never want to release anything near SUVs. We have heard about Bugatti’s Crossover SUV, and we are now witnessing another prototype from another automaker, Ferrari.

The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is the first-ever SUV crossover manufactured by Ferrari, making it the first crossover ever that comes with Ferrari’s luxurious attributes. The design and model are meant to make the unit competitive enough in the market since the team knows for sure that they will compete against Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

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The two brands have announced their intentions to release Lamborghini’s Urus and Aston Martin’s DBX, two much-anticipated car models that auto enthusiasts have been waiting for.

The Prototype

Despite the image branding that Ferrari has built over the years regarding their position towards SUVs of all sorts, shocking news came from a spy camera that spotted a heavily-camouflaged Ferrari Purosangue on the street for a test drive. Although the car is not supposed to hit the road until 2023, the spy camera shows an interesting finding with a few changes in the body.

The same source mentioned that the test drive is not the first for Ferrari’s Purosangue. The unit has hit the road for the first time before without the in-built production body shell. It may or may not be their marketing strategy, but one obvious thing is that Ferrari is quite positive about its release and competitiveness in the market following the launch.

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A few details were mentioned, further explaining that the spotted model resembles Ferrari Roma Coupe from the front and GTC4 Lusso in several parts of the prototype. It suggests that Ferrari will not lose the typical touch of the brand while experimenting with new concepts to satisfy buyers.

The Production

Louis Camilleri revealed that, as the name suggests, the car will not be seen freely in public until 2023, and that they are now focusing on some improvements following the test drive. Camilleri further mentioned that the team is also now looking into spectacular scenarios for the release, implying that the production and improvement stages will not be rushed.

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The former CEO of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, on the other hand, stated that the production is entering the final step as they are now looking forward to 2023. When asked about the main motive behind the production, Montezemolo said that they intended to make a new segment and face for Ferrari. As they are heading to new developments, their brand image needs to be exposed to changes, even when it means changing their core brand image.

The Model and Power

Mentioning the details other than what the spy camera has spotted during the test drive, Camilleri mentioned that the new SUV model will entail the former similar unit, which is the GTC4 Lusso. However, one thing that differentiates the new prototype from the rest is the integration of the new modular front-engine GT Architecture.

Although the machine model has been previously introduced during the launch of Roma Coupe, the same integration is expected to bring similar positive responses.

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The front-engine GT machine model will host the 3.9-liter twin-turbo and V8 machine neatly tucked under the front hood. The choice may not be efficient considering the size of the hood dimension, but it proves to be an excellent choice for buyers looking for SUVs with additional horsepower.

The 161-hp electric motor will be added to the current system as the manufacturer expects the model to be powerful enough. It sounds fair enough because the electric motor integrated will add additional power up to 700 horsepower.

The Launch

We have seen how lucrative the market for automotive has been for the past decades. Ferrari hopes to make its way through the uncertain climate towards its targeted audience. For that big plan, Camilleri will start by flashing some cards about the final outlook.

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He mentioned terms like super-posh and ultra-SUVs to gain momentum with the right keywords. Whether or not the test drive was an intended marketing strategy, it proves to spark enthusiasm among auto-lover communities.

Among all speculations, the firmest step to be taken is to wait for the official schedule for the launch. Unfortunately, the manufacturing team has not yet announced the exact date and time for the big day. The action may also be their marketing agenda as they intend to sell the first few units to their regular patrons. If it does come out, people will certainly rave about it.