Despite references from several mainstream media that mention how the manufacturing of Tesla Electric SUVs has been news that people wait impatiently, it is shocking to know that Customer Reports said otherwise.

In a recent interview, the Customer Reports said that, among all other types of electric SUVs within the same range and level, Tesla SUVs are the least reliable when it comes to endurance and overall performance.

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A shocking discovery was delivered to the public following an intense observation of the unit’s operation, especially with all the booming advertising. It is no wonder that this news came as a rather disappointment for both excited buyers and manufacturers.

Customer Reports on Tesla’s Performance

Customer Reports is a non-profit organization posing as the voice of the customers. As an organization that plays a significant role in the market, they prove to hold a strong position of where the current of sales will go. The organization’s main job is to evaluate products and services and announce the results to the public, and Tesla is one of the examples.

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The report further mentions that despite the brand’s hard-earned title as the worlds’ most valuable automaker, the result of the observation proves that the brand ranked 27th out of 28 brands in the same range in terms of the reflection of new technology and risks.

Tesla’s Poor Performance

Quoting the reports directly delivered by Customer Reports during a meeting in Detroit Automotive Press Association, the representative explained that the quality and overall performance are quite bad.

Regarding reliability, they stated, the brand is far from their usual supreme quality or, in the other words, an ‘absolute bottom’.  However, it is worth noting that the organization did not only conduct observation and evaluation of Tesla models but also other brands, such as Ford.

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Unfortunately, the reports continue with another result that Ford Mustang’s electric SUV is the only model that belongs to the above-average circle. When going back to Tesla, the only model they would gladly recommend is the Tesla Model 3 Sedan, although they still rate the unit as ‘average’.

When asked about a more elaborated explanation, the Director of Vehicle Testing, Jake Fisher, specifically mentioned several features that require improvements. Most models from Tesla have issues with body panels, leaks, and climate control. Other than these, Fisher also implied bigger problems, such as the falcon wing door.

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The Issue of Autopilot

Despite the massive advertising of Tesla’s much-anticipated autopilot feature, Customer Reports are shown to be critically skeptical for its continuity. Setting aside the wonderful response from the public, the organization prefers to strike a critical analysis on its core subject, which is the human tendency to rely on technology.

Fisher explained that, while it mostly receives positive responses in the market, a concern grows from human’s most basic characteristic, which is the tendency to blindly trust the technology. In the long run, he continued, it can be an initial step for far bigger issues such as accidents and deaths.  Such an issue can easily be tackled by fully focusing on the score of reliability.

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Unfortunately, it is what Tesla has failed to conduct, suggesting the need for massive improvements if the brand wishes to stay ahead in the course.

Tesla vs. Others

Comparing Tesla to other names in the world of automotive, the organization also reveals brands that receive positive reviews from their team. Lexus, for instance, has been standing strong among the top-ranked automakers for several years, followed by some Japanese brands that have been a big trend in their original country.

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Fisher further explained that these names got an outstanding result from the continuous observations conducted in their headquarter. Reliability, for instance, is the key term that needs to come up in every report and analysis.

When asked about the most reliable electric SUV of all time, Fisher firmly answered by mentioning Detroit-based The Buick Envision. However, it is clear that the brand only earns fifth place in global competition.

It remains unknown what parameters are used in the observation that results in such findings. However, all the results delivered at the press conference have hit the button of realization that today’s generation is not that ready to embrace the future of automotive.

Modern Car Maintenance

One simple example is the autopilot feature that Tesla has been so proud of. Instead of treating the feature merely as a support for driving, most people still tend to rely too much on the feature, dismissing all the possible consequences. Tesla may have its downsides, but it definitely also has impressive features.