General Motors has made a shocking announcement on their current stance towards the agenda of electronic vehicle manufacturing on a global scale. With their current decision to start introducing more clean car units and releasing them in the next few years, it is somewhat clear that the agenda has a more considerable impact than merely political affairs.

As one of the most prominent names in the industry of automotive, this step has massive impacts on other brands in the same business. Ford and Lotus are also known to be in the same position as General Motors.

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During a recent interview, General Motors said that they are fully ready and equipped to tackle the next challenge in the industry of automotive. One actual step they have managed to take is to stop producing diesel and gas-fueled vehicles by 2035. The stunning declaration also implies that the production of clean cars and trucks is no longer the plan of the far future.

As we are now sprinting towards 2030, some prototypes have been introduced to the market despite the need for more experiments and observation. They specifically mentioned that they will no longer manufacture any type of units that require internal combustion, gas fuel, and diesel.

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The Vision of Triple Zero

The current position of General Motors deserves global recognition. The main motive behind the agenda is the vision of Triple Zero. It includes zero emission, zero congestion, and zero crash. Apparently, with the vision in mind, they have been working on the grand theme for quite some time.

In fact, General Motors has been campaigning such a vision for years now, but only get a chance to take actual steps recently after President Biden announces the infrastructure funding that includes the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

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The Market Responses

Following recent events, the automotive market has shown a positive response towards the transition. One evidence to support the statement is the soaring stock value owned by General Motors that fluctuates from 4% to 7,5%.

Responding to this positive change, the representative party said that they are currently observing the impact for the near future before taking any big step, implying their readiness to accelerate towards the future where they envision an emission-free industry.

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The statement is further followed by them mentioning the general and most basic reason for the transition, which is to protect the planet, environment, and provide people with a better future.

The Introduction of New EV Units

Since the industry is taking a significant step towards the future, General Motors has proudly declared its intention to introduce some prototypes of electric vehicles by 2025. As a big name with a considerable contribution in the market, they are gladly taking the initiation with the hope that others will follow their direction.

Battery Range , Fully Charged Electric Car

On a clearer response, it is shown that they will release 30 new units in the market to ‘test the water’. What seems like a small number for a big name actually has a huge implication. The new units represent the $27 billion investment that the government fully supports by allocating funds for the manufacturing infrastructure.

With full support from the government, they are positive about the economic climate of the future despite the current pandemic that has caused terrible damage to the economy both on a smaller and larger scale.

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The Future of Electric Vehicles

The significant drop in battery cost after the discovery of a new battery system is the bell that requires more action. We have seen a long waiting period since the first time the concept of emission-free and environment-friendly means of transportation was introduced.

Since now we are one step behind all the visions, it will not be long to see roads and streets dominated by electric vehicles. Full support that comes from both the industry and the government will undoubtedly lead to a successful starting point.

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Experts predict the rise of electric cars and trucks will come sooner than everyone thinks, with 2045 being a crucial point. By then, the production of petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles will entirely stop, replaced by the new concept of zero-emission cars and vehicles.

However, General Motors continued with the statement that people in the scheme are still dealing with three main concerns. These are the hidden cost of operation, ease of ownership, and the range. But a lot of people are optimistic about these changes. They are confident that transitioning to electric vehicles would do good for consumers.

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Of course, EV owners would want to travel the road worry-free like they are now with their petrol vehicles. It is why more innovations are essential in the development.