It was not until as early as the 1900s that Americans started envisioning the invention of the much-needed breakthrough in terms of transportation, machines, and vehicles. They aimed to have a system that supported the environment as well as the ecological system as they grew more aware of what emissions and pollution can and will do to the nation’s future.

Fortunately, this is no longer a plain idea. President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda announces that clean cars and trucks are now on the horizon as we approach 2030.

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The century-long struggles and continuous experiments have led to an announcement that the US is currently investing substantially in infrastructure and clean vehicle manufacturing, projecting a much better future for the nation and its people.

In terms of clean cars and trucks, later referred to as EV or electric vehicles, the president has signed an Executive Order that directly implies that the preparation for zero-emission movement by 2030 has begun. Other than this grand narrative, the order also aims to put a spotlight on fuel efficiency, cut down pollution, improve public health, and eventually try to prevent climate change.

The Grand Agenda

The president’s Build Back Better Agenda declares several significant movements to physically prepare the nation for the great changes that follow afterward.

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The changes include building the first network of electric vehicles all across the states, delivering the consumer’s incentives to help finance the project, expanding the manufacturing chain to support the production of clean cars, building EV manufacturing centers to boost the production, and innovating the current system to make sure its competitiveness stays ahead in the market.

The Need for Innovations

With the fast-changing world in terms of technology and the invention of clean vehicles, it is no wonder that the US has done the best way possible to lead the way. Reflecting on what China has done so far, there are no concrete guarantees that the country will stay on top without the necessary actions.

As China sets out on the new journey towards the electric vehicle market globally, the president claims that this is indeed the best moment to strike.

Charging battery of an electric car in city

This mega project aims to make America the first in tackling down climate crisis by maximizing the talents in technology and machinery. Then, electric vehicles or clean vehicles will be the new icon of the US. Not long after the announcement of such an agenda, the president has also taken a financial step to initiate the process.

The Department of Commerce, under the instruction of the president, has announced that US$3 billion is available in American Rescue Plan Funds that EV manufacturers can use to start manufacturing and producing clean cars and trucks.

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The funds will later be directed into innovative schemes as a way to stay competitive in the market. As the trajectories of such invention have proven to be lucrative, the $3 billion funds are considered appropriate to deal with the uncertain climate of the nation’s economy.

The Current Developments

Other than the international competition, the internal factors have also contributed to the rapid changes. One of them is the significant drop in battery costs after the discovery of a new battery system, making electronic vehicles way more efficient and affordable for the average American.

Comparing EV and gas-fueled vehicles, the disparity of costs is indeed still at the same level. But the significant cost reduction has paved the way for a better result in the following decades.

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As a new leading market for electronic vehicles, the US requires internal inputs from the experts. For this matter, the president has consulted with several institutions, including the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

During the discussion, each party contributed visions to ensure the safety and continuity of such programs. The meetings have also resulted in a firm schedule for all agents to follow. The schedules include the starting point of the manufacturing of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles by 2027.

Electric car charging

The Overall Approach

The newly-formed committee has agreed to discuss the matter with the Secretaries of Commerce, Labor, and Energy as a way to convince the whole nation that the mega project that is starting to take place is entirely safe for sustainability.

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Following the recent events, the committee also needs to discuss and receive suggestions from all states since it is the only way to engage them all in the process of reducing vehicle emissions. Different stakeholders and representatives from certain fields, such as public health and labor unions, are also not exceptions.