Millennials are already familiar with the notion that electric cars that do not require gas combustion whatsoever are a much better option today. The discussion about how we need to save the planets, and our budget too, will rank first when one starts searching for the most genuine motives behind the act of purchasing electric vehicles.

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Well, it is true. When many are still afraid of all the possibilities and implications that come along with the invention of clean cars and trucks, studies and statistics show a stunning discovery on how purchasing battery-powered vehicles will benefit you greatly, probably not directly but in the long run.

Environment Issues Worth Noting

Climate change activists have been putting up posters and banners trying to convey a critically urgent message that the earth, our only home, is in great danger. Without serious actions and necessary prevention, research shows that it is highly likely that our planet will no longer be sustainable at the end of this century.

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The population explosion, excessive use of natural resources, and global warming might add to the discussion, but we will just set them aside for now and focus on one actual step to prevent the doom. In this case, electric vehicles.

An Environment-Friendly Option

Electric vehicles prove to be a safer and much better choice today due to the following reasons. First, the machine does not require gas or diesel to operate. It means that humans will eventually stop the use of natural resources, such as crude oil, and the earth will have a chance to recover.

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Second, without the excessive use of gas, electric vehicles promote improved air quality since we no longer need to release emissions when driving. Note that one electric vehicle can eliminate an average of 1.5 million grams of carbon dioxide.

Since we are now living in a societal system with transportation being one of the sole reasons for air pollution, knowing this fact can be a great relief.

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What does that imply? It strongly suggests that humans will be fully capable of living without having to release emissions into the atmosphere. Fortunately, the vision is pretty much supported by governments all across the globe.

The UK, for instance, has agreed to join the zero vision whereas they intend to ban vehicles and machines that use gas and diesel by 2040. It looks like a long way, indeed. But as we are now entering 2022, all the agenda and plans will take another decade to accomplish.

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An Affordable Option

Electric cars prove to be more affordable compared to gas-fueled vehicles. One may not see this at first glance, but owners can confirm this fact easily. Although it may look like clean vehicles are way more pricey than regular cars, the term affordability does not only involve the first-time purchase but also how it is run and operated.

An article from Business Insider specifically mentions that electric vehicles are 31% more affordable than regular vehicles. The percentage includes the service, charging process, and maintenance.

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The explanation above is often followed by questions regarding how much one needs to pay for charging the vehicle. Is it way cheaper than filling the tank with petrol? Fortunately, the answer is yes. With gas prices soaring over 58% for last year only, owning an electric car will make an excellent choice.

Another great fact worth noting is that the electricity sources used are 100% renewable. This fact is confirmed by the European Energy Agency, further stating that electricity suppliers are now looking into ways to generate more low-carbon electricity for a greener option.

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The Cost Breakdowns

Electric cars and vehicles often have higher upfront prices. In most cases, one unit of a clean car can cost $10.000 higher than a regular petrol-fueled car. Although it is only for a one-time purchase, it still proves to be a huge turn-off for most people with a limited budget. However, things will go smoother once the ownership changes.


Most units come with level-2 chargers that take up to eight hours to fully charge. Less convenient, indeed, but proves to be a lot cheaper than regular petrol. The service and maintenance costs are also 60% lower than most vehicles, Consumer Reports said.

Since the unit has fewer machine parts, it means owners can skip most basic maintenance tasks, such as changing the oil and sparks plug. In the long run, owners of electric vehicles can spend less on daily consumption and finally make it up to the initial prices paid. One big reason why a lot of people want to switch to this type of vehicle soon enough.