Bugatti is probably not the first automaker that comes into mind when combined with the idea of SUV manufacturing. Since Bugatti is mostly known for its super-fast, F1-like car units, critics will mostly roll their eyes in disbelief when the news spread. However, is it really possible? Rather than asking the question, a more appropriate inquiry would be, should Bugatti Luxury SUVs be manufactured?


Bugatti Royale Elegant Cross

Bugatti Royale Elegant Cross is the perfect crossover between Bugatti’s supercar attributes and SUV’s supreme luxury taste. Combining both realms might not be a good idea, but clearly, the creator has said and thought otherwise.

In a simpler analogy, the unit is a perfect representation of a super-fast F1 car with a touch of lux and a sleek exterior. Since the units have not lost the touch of race cars in it, the Elegant Cross is indeed a new concept in the industry, even for people who have been in the field for years.

Source: autodiscoveries

Seriously, what came into their mind when the idea popped up in their head? Did they decide to test their luck to see where the current would take them? Or is this indeed a calculated business disguised as art?

Above all, one obvious thing is that the manufacturer has decided not to eliminate the high-end technology that has been the main characteristic of Bugatti cars. Combining the two concepts results in a super-fast SUV car, and the Royale Elegant Cross is just a perfect example.

Winkelmann on the Manufacturing Plan

When asked about the exquisite idea, Stephan Winkelmann implied that the teams have taken physical actions towards the goal. Instead of contemplating what would happen in the market after the release, they are now focusing more on a firm schedule arrangement that he and his team need to follow, suggesting a strong grip on the idea.

However, instead of putting a name tag with SUV written on it, Winkelmann prefers to call this hybrid a crossover-coupe, suggesting further contemplation of which parts that stay and which attributes that go.


The mild off-road taste will be the first thing buyers will notice as Bugatti cars are mostly made for dirt and off-road trips. Winkelmann argues that buyers that purchase expensive SUVs would certainly not want to step into the muddy road. All he can do about it is to provide buyers with a more elegant unit with a similar sensation.

The Atlantic Concept

Manufacturing a hybrid car can suggest several things. One of the most popular opinions is that the unit will not be able to retain all qualities from both parents. In this case, the machine is what concerns Winkelmann the most.

Fortunately, he came up with a plan to integrate The Atlantic Concept in his crossover. The Atlantic Concept is a powerful and reliable machine system that is known integrated only in several big names, such as Urus, Cayenne, and Audi.

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The machine system features the four-liter bi-turbo V8 engine that equals 641 horsepower, making it one of the most potent car machine systems in the world. Using hybrid technology, drivers can add more power according to their needs. The additional power can range up to 300 horsepower in the end.

The Market

Once the machine challenge has been solved, Winkelmann has come to another thing to think about, which is the market. The manufacturer is now looking into ways to create a lucrative market environment so that the sales can be directed right into the targeted audience.

Winkelmann said that the market for hyper-expensive cars is, by nature, always available. Especially they know for a fact that the global economy is not a fixed system, but rather a fluctuating graphic.

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To tackle the market-related challenges, Winkelmann has come up with some ideas regarding the designs, capabilities, and prices. The unit is likely to be a four-seat with higher seat positioning. Most female buyers would want to see outside, especially on off-road trips.

Again, about the crossover, Winkelmann assured that the final model will not be anything near traditional SUVs. Rather, it will possess the capability of a supercar with a higher-riding experience.

Is Bugatti Luxury SUV Possible?

The answer to the question is, fortunately, yes. The prototype adds to the already-rich world of automotive. Since the manufacturing team has passed the brainstorming period, it will not be long until the launch.

In fact, on this matter, Winkelmann has hinted that the team is now gathering momentum before the big day.