Ferrari and Bugatti are known to spill the beans when it comes to their intention to build and manufacture the first-ever all-electric luxury SUVs under their brands. Following the recent trend, Bentley has just announced that they are now joining the club.

Setting aside the fact that they are not the first that comes with such a breakthrough, Bentley is now focusing to earn the place for the most luxurious SUV crossover ever built. They also aim to be the standard for both internal machine systems and ultra-sleek look to be able to compete in the market.

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With all the innovations and designs, people are now looking at the future of high-class SUVs since the current specifications prove to be beyond the luxury standards in the realm of SUV manufacturing. Of course, changes are possible and eventually inevitable, and that is why manufacturers continue to improve their vehicles.

Bentley Cross Mulliner at a Glance

The Bentley Mulliner crossover is the perfect blend of three main elements that a luxury SUV needs to possess. These are the built-in machine system, exterior, and collection. Released in 2020, Bentley Mulliner has been pampering buyers with their luxurious exterior with an extra bit of 3D visualization.

The unit is available in over 30 different colors, giving buyers quite an option to think about. Other than this, customers can also talk to specialist designers to enhance the performance and the final look of their cars.

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The unit also highlights several other categories that buyers might find interesting. They are power, comfort, and safety. In terms of reliability and safety, the unit is equipped with an in-built airbag and a body system that can absorb impacts. An anti-lock braking system also deserves a spotlight, making it even safer to drive around.


The performance might be one thing that buyers find concerning as they are not sure what to expect. However, the responses from the market have proven them wrong. The manufacturing process focuses on the integration of the GT Speed Convertible machine variant and the 5998cc power machine, making it one of the most powerful models in the range. The combination of both systems results in 626 horsepower.

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It may not be something to compete with other mild off-road units, but it surely does serve more than enough power. The performance is supported by the 12-cylinder 4-Valve configuration and DOHC. The 8-speed automatic transmission is the reason for smoother driving. The 626 horsepower range is also stretchable to 820 horsepower thanks to this transmission choice.

Luxurious Interior Design

One of the most extravagant features of a Bentley Cross Mulliner is its luxurious interior design. Responses often state that driving in this crossover feels like riding your own limousine. It is not an exaggeration indeed, as the manufacturing team has revealed that interior design is something that they take seriously.

The unique royal-like color combinations create an exclusive touch, followed by a hand-made and hand-sewn interior cabin. Bentley also spilled that there are at least 40.000 stitches in the interior design and the cabin alone. The number still does not include the luxurious embroidery that is no way a machine can produce, implying the personal touch of hands.


They further revealed that it took them roughly eighteen months to finish the interior design, proving that they do take the standard luxury look seriously. The same royal taste can be seen also through the center console panel and the diamond mill finishing. The team decides to equip the model with metal brush accents and a Brietling analog clock to make it look even ultra-sleek.

Exterior Design

The manufacturing team does take the design sternly that they not only focus on the interior experience but also the exterior design. One perceptible feature is the rear-view mirrors. The silver-silk accent seems to welcome the drivers before they enter the cabin. Not only that, a Mulliner welcome lamp can be seen hanging glamorously just under the mirrors.

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The many options of body colors are the result of a series of deliberations. With all the luxurious standards offered and introduced by Bentley, buyers can choose one that suits their personality. The Double-Diamond grille consists of a silver-ish black accent that slides through the whole fenders, up from the front to the back fender.


Bentley Cross Mulliner may not be the first in the field to introduce a crossover, nor is the one offering the most potent machine. However, the luxurious touch of the model is one feature that buyers are often willing to spend their money on.