The presence of women in the industry of automotive is nothing new. Here and there, people will occasionally see female mechanics doing the work that people assume belongs to the men’s realm.

Although such a phenomenon is not an everyday thing, people still have the capability of envisioning the scene, proving a point that women are a creature of full capability. They can do whatever men can do!

Two female mechanics repairing chassis of automobile

Despite its common nature, have you seen an all-female autoshop being established in your neighborhood? By all-female, it means all the work is done by female mechanics. That’s right! No involvement of men whatsoever.

From changing the oil to fixing tires, stepping into the venue means looking at women of different ages and backgrounds doing the automotive work for your vehicles. Sounds mind-blowing? Wait until you see the actual scene from Girls Auto Clinic!

Introducing #sheCANic

Seeing women in the business may not be something new. However, an all-female repair shop with no male workers is indeed fresh air in the industry. Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia may have started a fad when the founder decided she would do something out of the box related to her gender.

Instead of looking for the best men for her business, she trusted her same-gender peers to run the place. All her struggles did not go unnoticed as they sparked optimism towards the notion of woman-support-woman.

Female mechanic does diagnostics, car service

Related to the main motive, Patrice Banks, the owner as well as the founder of Girls Auto Clinic, mentioned that it has been one of her main concerns that girls and women often get a not so welcoming treatment when they visit an autoshop to get their vehicles checked out or serviced. She further stated that the segregation between men’s and women’s worlds is still significant.

It often results in glares, discomfort, and even bad treatments from male mechanics. For that reason, Banks envision a woman-friendly environment where women of all backgrounds and ages can enjoy when they need their vehicles to be serviced.

Pretty young woman driving new car.

The Services

A place with all-female members often suggests exclusivity. Girls Auto Clinic is no different. Stemming from mistreatments that fellow ladies often have to deal with when they visit autoshops, such a place can be a huge lifesaver, especially since we know for a fact that there are still men who are quite firm when it comes to gender roles.

Ambitious female mechanic posing at her repair shop

With such a condition, Banks came up with certain innovations and breakthroughs to make her place get the recognition it deserves. The teams at Girls Auto Clinic are more than happy to serve their fellow female customers. They even often go the extra mile teaching them how to do basic automotive tasks, such as maintenance and simple repairs.

Another service available is the Clutch Beauty Bar where customers get to enjoy beauty treatments, such as manicures and pedicures while waiting for their vehicles.

Process of manicure in salon. Young manicurist.

With all these brilliant ideas, Banks has done such a great job empowering her fellow women without them even realizing it. All they know is that they get to experience the best automotive experience ever despite their gender.

Deconstructing Patriarchy in Automotive

Often, women feel intimidated when it comes to vehicles and machines. The so-called social construction is the reason behind the situation. Since women often get limited access to machines and vehicles from a young age, the norm that says the automotive field only belongs to men gets even stronger.

Female Mechanic at Factory

It is what Banks has the urge to change. She directly mentioned her dream to change the relationship between women and vehicles. She aims to empower women around her when it comes to car maintenance and other similar stuff.

Women Empowerment, Finally!

Along with many other women’s achievements in fields that were once dominated by men, Girls Auto Clinic is the epitome of feminism and empowerment especially in the field of automotive. Socially speaking, there will be many significant positive effects especially for the ladies out there.

First, for the first time, girls and women in Philadelphia get to enjoy the ‘girls’ stuff’ in an autoshop without having to worry about judgments or mocking glares from men.

Second, the concept of safe space for women will be an actual and physical space, away from theoretical prototypes. Third, the innovation will surely not be the last.

Girl doing thumbs up in the car

There will be many others in different parts of the globe that will proudly follow the lead. What does it mean? It means that more and more women will be exposed to functional empowerment. Something that every woman can look forward to!