If you are a huge follower of motorsport, then maybe you are thinking that you have already seen all the competitions out there like Formula 1, Nascar, Moto GP, Rallycross, Monster Jam, Drag Racing, V8 Supercars, and Monster Truck Racing just to mention a few. I bet your list can go on and on.

But take note that people will do just about anything in the name of competition, and here are the 10 weird motorsports you probably never heard of:

1. Swamp Buggy Racing


In Florida, the so-called Swamp Buggy Racing is gaining more and more popularity. You can just imagine how much effort the organizers have put into this weird but yet exciting motorsport as they have built a waterlogged oval, not to mention every single swamp buggies equipped with a V-8 engine. Now you know people really go the extra mile in the name of motorsport!

2. Sprint Boat Racing


This kind of racing is so entertaining to watch, but at the same time, it would definitely make you hold your breath as they make their dangerous stunts in shallow water. The water jets are also powered by V8s, which means they really go fast. But this requires professional navigators.

3. Rock Bouncing


Have you ever seen 4×4 roaring and moving around like drunk maniacs? That’s exactly what you can see in Rock Bouncing. Yes, it’s a little frightening to watch these monsters trying to climb the hills, those that are far from the ordinary ones. But what of they break the traction? Then what? That’s where the excitement is.

4. Sand Drag Racing


Ready, get set, go! And there are the dragsters with 7000 horsepower embracing themselves for a track of 0 to 300 ft in less than 5 seconds. And not only that, they also throw up a three-story-tall dirt rooster tails, which adds more thrill.

This race has various levels from beginner to pro.

5. Lawn mower Racing


If you have been spending most of your weekends mowing your lawn, then this motorsport will certainly entertain you. And maybe you can join it too! Except that the competition takes place on a dirt road and not just on an ordinary yard that needs mowing services.

If you are interested in this, then it’s about time you take your lawn mowing skills to the next level!

6. Pig ‘n’ Ford Racing


With this motorsport, you need the best Model T-spec Ford racing car. The dirty oval is something that you can expect too. But what makes it weird? You got yourself a squealing pig as your co-driver! I wonder how fun and annoying that would be. Will that pig make you win…or lose?

7. Formula Offroad


You think you have seen the most extreme motorsport there is? Wait til you see the Formula Offroad. Who in the right mind would allow themselves to be behind the wheels of a beast with whopping 1000 horsepower and drive against the steepest inclines? Well, I guess the prize is worth it!

8. Trailer Racing


It may look like the weirdest and most ridiculous motorsport you will ever see, but, yes, Trailer Racing is for real! In fact, some people even show up with the longest trailers. But whether or not this would help them smash whatever their opponents are towing really depends on their strategies.

9. Super Truck Racing


As a motorsport enthusiast, you know how a conventional circuit car racing is. That’s exactly what this race is all about. The only difference is that, you won’t see cars…but tractor trailers banging each other as they compete to reach the finish line. What’s more? They even tow their own trailers in each and every single race!

10. Reliant Robin Racing


If you are not from the United Kingdom, then I’m sure it’s your first time to hear about the Reliant Robin Racing. The concept? It’s quite simple. The three-wheelers race and…destroy each other. The last Robin standing would, of course, be the winner. That is if it is still running!