Are you tired of the traditional looks of the car featured on the market? Do you want to have something that comes with higher technology? Then here are the 10 most anticipated futuristic cars that are definitely worth the wait:

1. Toyota Concept-i


During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2017, Toyota Motor Corporation has made the announcement about a futuristic car that they are currently developing – the Toyota Concept-I, which is far from the looks of their usual sedans and pick-up trucks. The concept involves artificial intelligence (AI), which enables a partnership between the driver and the automobile itself.

2. Kia Pop


The Pop concept completely eliminates the side windows. The 3-meter long model is also a 3-seater car that will surely attract attention because of it chrome colors. A new model of headrests as well as rear lights will also be installed, not to mention the glass roof. The side mirrors are said to come with cameras too.

3. Mercedes-Benz Concept EQV


At the Geneva motor show, which was held last March 2019, Mercedes Benz made an exciting announcement that has kept their followers tuned in for the coming of their version of a futuristic car. The Concept EQV is expected to be on the market by 2021. It offers the latest innovation on the MBUX system.

4. Honda Neuv


Now this may be an electric mini-car, but you can not underestimate its functionality as it comes with AI technology. This can even detect the driver’s emotions and will offer advice if needed. What’s more? It comes with an electric skateboard that the driver can use in case of emergency.

5. BMW Vision iNext


Have you seen the photos of the Vision iNext that were released by BMW makers back in 2019? It is currently under the 2-year development period and it is expected to hit the market by 2021. It will be like a rolling living room that can go as far as 400 miles on one charge.

6. Audi Aicon


Although the Audi Aicon is still a few years away from its official release to the market, many people are already excited about it. If you are a minimalist fan, then you will surely love this futuristic car for it super sleek design. It can also travel up to 497 miles on one charging.

7. Nissan IMx Kuro


This Nissan-made futuristic vehicle boasts its Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology that can read the driver’s mind. This will enable an amazing connection between the car itself and the one driving it. If the driver gets tired, he can simply set it to ProPILOT and the steering wheel will be automatically tucked away.

8. EDAG Light Cocoon


If you are aiming for a lightweight-vehicle, then you should be waiting for the release of the so-called EDAG Light Cocoon, which is expected to be crowned as the lightest in weight. It is a sports car that is wrapped in fabric. What’s more exciting about it is the lighting of its outer shell at night time.

9. Byton K-Byte


As announced during the Consumer Electronics Show Asia in 2018, the Byton K-Byte will definitely surprise the world of automotive as this futuristic car will move on its own without any sort of human control. So if you are already tired of driving, then watch out for this vehicle in 2021.

10. Lamborghini Terzo Millennio


Partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Automobili Lamborghini Spa has developed the idea for the Terzo Millennio. The 3-year partnership worth more than a hundred million dollars will give birth to a superhero-inspired vehicle that comes with a body made up of supercapacitors. These carbon-fiber panels should keep this futuristic car running.